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Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for your Hair and Skin

by Priya Pooran 28 Aug 2017 0 Comments
Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for your Hair and Skin

The antioxidants in Hemp Seed Oil reduces free radicals in your body and slows down the aging process. Regular use of hemp-based skincare and beauty products can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in your face and body.

Hair and skin are all formed from the same line of cells; so, you will be pleasantly surprised that when you use Hemp Seed Oil, thicker and shinier hair, and softer skin will result. Since Hemp Seed Oil is nearly identical to the building blocks of our own living cells, it penetrates your cells and lubricates the surfaces between them. It is used to nourish not only dry skin but blotches and lesions as well. It can also detoxify your skin and even out skin tone.

Hair care products containing Hemp Seed Oil are ideal for those who are suffering from hair loss. Hemp Seed Oil’s Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid content can stimulate your hair growth. 90% of your hair is made up of a protein known as keratin, which Hemp Seed Oil can supplement to boost your healthy hair growth. In addition, Hemp Seed Oil also improves blood circulation in your scalp so that follicles remain nourished to support new hair growth. Moreover, Hemp Seed Oil also acts as a good natural moisturizer and can dramatically reduce visible signs of dry skin while providing nourishment from the inside out.

Taza Natural Omega-3 Hemp & Aloe Rosemary Lavender and Peppermint Tea Tree botanical shampoos, Rosemary Lavender and Peppermint Tea Tree conditioners, and Taza Natural Omega-3 Hemp & Aloe Coconut, Coconut Lime, and Olive body washes all contain Hemp Seed Oil as a key ingredient.
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