Increase Hydration

As we mature, we produce fewer natural oils, experience sun damage, and decreased cell renewal, which can all lead to dry, rougher skin. Additionally, during these times, our skin does not produce as much natural moisturizers as it used to, and the top layers of our skin become dry. To add, as estrogen production diminishes during maturity, dry, itchy skin becomes very common.

The Taza Natural Omega-3 Hemp & Aloe Body Washes, Taza Natural Hand and Body Lotions, Taza Natural Body Butters, Taza Natural Soaps are all great for hydrating your skin.

Taza Natural Omega-3 Hemp & Aloe Body Washes 

The Taza Natural Omega-3 Hemp & Aloe Body Washes contains Chamomile and White Willow Bark which soothes, calms and provides anti-inflammatory benefits for your skin. The Hemp Seed Oil ingredient provides the right ratio of Omega 3, 6, and 9 Fatty Acids, which aids in maintaining a healthy skin oil balance. These body washes makes the skin feel invigorated and renewed, countering the dullness that comes with maturity.

 Taza Natural Hand and Body Lotions

The Taza Natural Hand and Body Lotions contains Sunflower Oil, Almond Oil and Shea Butter. These ingredients enables youthful looking skin, boosts nourishment, and protects your skin against the elements. Moreover, the combination of these ingredients provide additional benefits: hydration, richness in antioxidants, helps to unclog pores, minimizes signs of aging, soothes, calm temporary redness, provides a protective barrier against environmental stressors. evens out the look of your skin’s surface and even temporarily shrink the appearance of pores. Additionally, these lotions are gentle for those with sensitive or mature skin and have calming properties.

 Taza Natural Body Butters 

The Taza Natural Body Butters contains Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Sunflower Oil, which helps boosts hydration and locks in moisture. Because of their richer properties, our body butters provide a protective layer on your skin protecting it from environmental elements and it acts as a barrier to prevent moisture loss, resulting in youthful looking skin.  

Taza Natural Soaps

Taza Natural Soaps helps keep your skin soft. Through using these soaps, your skin will not get dry or itchy as they are cold pressed and help keep the nutrients intact within your skin. Also, the natural oils in these soaps help to keep your skin moisturized. The softer the skin the less chance for wrinkles to form and natural soaps can help keep the skin plump as well by keeping moisture in. This is in addition to the natural butter and oils that will help keep the skin soft and healthy.