About us

Priya Spa Inc. is a North American based wholesale supplier and online retailer of the TAZA brand of natural face, hair, and body care products, which are sold through Amazon.ca, Amazon.com, Walmart.ca, and www.tazaskincare.ca.

We are passionate about ageless beauty: There is no age limit on looking gorgeous—in fact, as you mature, you feel more confident and look more attractive than ever. To us your beauty achievements and potential is boundless at any age. With this passion embraced, we select, design and formulate our products and beauty systems to ensure maturing face, skin, and hair are forever radiant and gorgeous.

We provide our customers with the highest quality natural products, as our inspiration comes from the knowledge that what goes on you, goes in you. All our products are cruelty free (absolutely no animal testing), and we are relentless about reducing our environmental impact.

We are focused on providing our customers with the highest level of service. To that aim: we ensure easy accessibility to our knowledgeable staff through email and phone; we ensure timely responses to our customer's questions and requests; we have an easy return and customer friendly refund policy; we utilize Amazon.ca Fulfillment Services for inventory storage, logistic management, and order shipments; and we utilize Shopify Payments to secure and protect cardholder data.