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Collection: Calming & Soothing

Taza products are made for all skin types. We do, however, recommend to customers the products listed below, which are very beneficial for these specific skin concerns: calming inflammation; reducing redness; reducing dry itchy skin; and minimizing pores.


Taza Botanical Facial Toner

pH Balance: This toner helps to balance your skin's pH, which means your skin is less prone to oiliness and infection, creating a more vibrant and smoother appearance.

Detoxification: This toner helps your skin to look brighter and healthier, and long-term benefits may include less acne, scarring and fewer wrinkles.

Pore Shrinkage and Tightening: This toner tightens your facial pores, allowing fewer oils and toxins to settle into your skin. This creates a fresher, cleaner and less oily appearance, while preventing acne.

Taza Botanical Facial Cleanser

Taza Botanical Facial Cleanser has great emollience and the conditioning properties of a lotion.  Chamomile, Aloe, Cucumber and Japanese Green Tea extracts are used to soothe, tighten and act as an anti-oxidant on the skin. These botanicals can assist in epidermal problems and inflammation. 

Taza Oatmeal Milk & Honey Soap

Taza Oatmeal Milk & Honey Soap is known for its soothing effect on your skin and it has the ability to reduce irritation and dryness. The texture of this soap also acts as a natural exfoliant, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. The honey in this soap helps keep moisture locked in your skin. This moisture and elasticity help to give your skin its natural glow and healthy look. 

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